Ubuntu Wellness

This post is part of an ongoing series of articles featuring our business members and how they’ve been dealing with the COVID-19 health crisis. Please support our Chardon community by shopping locally!

Focusing on comprehensive holistic health and wellness services to our clients in the Northeast Ohio area, we also offer stress management, mindful living and physical activity. Ubuntu Wellness gives people the tools and support necessary to transform their lives and create lasting positive changes. Our approach highlights the movement in the helping professions to a more holistic, client centered and trauma focused approach. This is one of the main focuses of our therapeutic interventions at Ubuntu. We see you as the whole person; mind, body and spirit.

We offer individual, couples and family psychotherapy services, corporate wellness programs, trauma informed yoga and movement classes, massage therapy, reiki and Raindrop services.

The Clinical Team at Ubuntu Wellness currently staffs six licensed therapists to guide you towards emotional balance. Starting from the vantage point of the whole person—our therapists a utilize a multidimensional approach to counseling that addresses people’s mental, physical, and emotional needs that are all rooted in evidence based practices. Our authentic, interactive and compassionate approach provides our clients with an environment that is conducive to healing emotional wounds.

203 Main Street in Chardon(440) 214-9062jennifer@ubuntuwellnessohio.com


How long have you been in business?

4 years

How has your business or organization been impacted by COVID-19? What additional challenges are you facing?

We offer such an array of services at Ubuntu that we had to ensure we were still supporting our clients and the community while following state guidelines and recommendations for best practices during the pandemic. We shut down all in-office services from late March and returned to the office (clinical services only) at the beginning of May. Our clinical counseling services transitioned to telehealth only during that time and we had to cancel previously scheduled workshops, classes and other bodywork services (massage, Reiki, Raindrop).

What have you done to adapt?

We increased our social media presence with options for virtual classes (Kids Yoga and Mindfulness, Weekly Meditations) and resources to help support not only our clients, but the community at large. Our clinical team sent out weekly emails to the clients and families they serve with additional support, resources and updates to our services and programming to ensure full transparency during the process. We offered a free 6-week online support group for those struggling with the many changes the pandemic has caused; loss or reduction of work hours, working from home, parenting and schooling challenges and overall anxiety about the uncertainty that resulted from the pandemic.

Our clinical team moved to telehealth services using a HIPAA compliant platform to ensure continuity of care. As we slowly transitioned back to the office, the team has been staggering in-office days to reduce contact while still offering the telehealth options. Our massage services have also restarted and we are hopeful to get our Reiki and Raindrop services back running when it feels safe to do so.

From a facilities perspective, we moved furniture to comply with social distancing, removed other amenities (coffee, candy) and increased our already robust cleaning schedule. Clients must wash their hands prior to checking in for their appointment. We also offer masks, gloves and other sanitization products to ensure that not only are they feeling safe, but our staff are as well.

What is something you would like people to know about your business or organization?

We are open (in office and virtually) and our team is available to support you and your family. You can schedule an appointment with us directly via our website at ubuntuwellnessohio.com. We also offer a free 15-min phone consultation for potential new clients to see if we are a good fit for them.

How can the local Chardon community help?

Continue to love and support local businesses. We are so grateful to be a part of such a welcoming community!