Electronic Sign

Electronic message board in Chardon SquareThe new electronic message sign on the southwest corner of the square was a collaborative effort between the Chardon Square Association and the City of Chardon.

In early 2016, City staff met with us to discuss replacing the old sign, which was 30 years old and in need of major repair. The frame had deteriorated over the years, and changing the letters on the signboard was cumbersome, especially in the middle of a Chardon winter. After discussing the options, the consensus was that replacing the existing sign with an electronic one would provide a better communications tool to the residents of Chardon. Instead of displaying one message per week, we can now have multiple messages cycling at once. The sign can be programmed remotely without having to go outside.

Representatives from both the Chardon Square Association and the City contributed a significant amount of time and effort in the overall design, including choosing the right stone and creating something that would fit in nicely with the historic nature of the square. We worked closely with Northcoast Signworks of Bedford Heights on the overall design and with selecting the electronic screen.

The final cost of the sign was split between the Chardon Square Association and the City of Chardon, with an additional donation from local businessman Jim Pruce. The new sign was installed in the Spring of 2017 shortly after the Maple Festival.