Mural Project

The Chardon Square Association (CSA) and the City of Chardon are excited to announce a collaborative art project sponsoring two new murals near the square. The contest theme for both murals is simply “Chardon” and left to artist interpretation. Winning designs will be selected by members of the CSA and ultimately approved by Chardon City Council.

Giving Garden Mural

The first mural will be a refresh of the current design that serves as the backdrop for the CSA’s Giving Garden and is located in the service alley behind Beans Coffee Shop. Entries for this mural must be submitted by April 10, 2022. Weather permitting, the winner will be required to complete the mural between May15 and May 31, 2022 so that the garden can be planted for the season. CSA will pay for the supplies to complete this project.

City Mural

The second mural will be located on the back of the same building, 106 Water Street. The city has approved $1,600 for the project. This location is more challenging as the artist’s vision will be designed around existing signs and the service garage door. Entries for this design must be submitted by May 1, 2022, with the mural being completed by June 12, 2022.

A view of the back wall, the future location of the City mural.

Guidelines include:

  • Artwork must be original in concept and not violate US copyright laws
  • Artwork must reflect Chardon (artist interpretation)
  • Nothing political, inappropriate, offensive, discriminatory or unsuitable for viewing of all ages
  • Artist(s) must submit a color rendering of their design in completion 
  • Artist(s) must be able to meet the completion deadline
  • Artist(s) may submit concepts for one or both murals (design may be complimentary or individual)

Entries can be submitted via email to or mailed to:

Chardon Square Association
Attn: Mural
P.O. Box 1063
Chardon, OH, 44024

Artists should specify “Giving Garden” or “City” with their entries.