Stained Glass Church Window Auction

We have another window up for auction!

The Chardon Square Association is auctioning off this beautifully restored stained glass window, originally installed in the South Street Church in Chardon (circled in red in the photo above). The church was built in 1857, and the addition that included this window was added in 1911. The church was torn down in 1993, and the congregation was merged with Pilgrim Christian Church.

This beautiful window has been meticulously restored by stained glass artist Heather Hudson Means of Chardon. The original window was much larger but most of it was broken beyond repair. She had to remove a bottom portion and re-cut some pieces to fix the top.

Proceeds from this auction will be used to fund our community projects and events, such as the Chardon Square Arts Festival and the Chardon Farmers Market. The window measures 19 ¾” x 30 ¾” and will be on display in the Heritage House until the end of the auction.

Winning bid: $300